We take care of digital marketing activities, so that small business owners run a more profitable business!

Digital Agency @ Your Service provides support to small businesses to increase their revenues by ensuring and optimising their digital presence and marketing activities. The service focuses on websites, social media channels, search engine marketing, performance campaigns, and online business development. Our partners are ahead of the crowd and draw more attention to their products and services. More traffic, more leads, more conversions, more happy customers, more reviews, better ratings, better business. Join our growing family of successful entrepreneurs!

We ensure an optimised sales funnel along the customer journey, so that our partners acquire, convert and retain more customers!
User Experience that boosts the business

Advancing a UX-friendly website and online presence, including Google Maps/My Business, showcasing product and services, plus features such as bookings, special offers and reviews

Engaging Social Media Presence driving traffic

Ensuring an engaging Social Media presence on target audience relevant channels such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, and running targeted campaigns to increase sales

Digital Campaigns that deliver tangible results

Performance-driven, targeted campaigns via Google Ads and Social Media platforms, including landing pages to interact with the business, and online solutions to open up new business channels to create additional sales

We support entrepreneurs and draw more attention to their products and services!

Christian is one of the brightest digital marketing brains in the sector today! I have experienced to work with professionals in the sector and Christian has always brought a new perspective and approach to his work. When working with Christian the projects have always been interesting, creative and intelligently executed with precision on the KPI’s.”
James, UK

We had the pleasure of working with Christian and his team on a number of amazing projects. Christian is very forward-thinking and always pushing the boundaries and thinking outside of the box on how to create meaningful digital strategies that engage with consumers and give them a reason to connect. It’s been a pleasure working with Christian and being part of a great collaboration.
Tony, UK

“I had the good fortune of working with Christian. Christian is extremely knowledgeable in digital marketing and was instrumental in making our company a player in the digital arena in the industry.”.”
Damien, USA

Christian is an insightful and innovative digital and social media leader. He creates a collaborative and engaging environment with teams all over the world, balancing the needs and differences of each market. He believes strongly in testing and always pushing the way forward in a challenging and highly competitive landscape to generate successful campaignsted with precision on the KPI’s.”
Ilya, USA

Thanks to his great experience in digital marketing, Christian developed and implemented successfully numerous digital campaigns as well as programmatic and social media campaigns. He brought digital marketing to the next level within the company.
Caroline, Switzerland