How small businesses can outperform big companies reaching the right consumers!

Digital marketing allows entrepreneurs to target specific consumers who are interested in their products or services for minimal costs, and often even for free. Traditional marketing channels like TV and print charge high amounts for advertising. Small businesses have a hard time competing with more prominent companies for advertising space — and the attention of consumers. However, with the cost-effectiveness of digital marketing channels, small businesses can reach the same number of people at a fraction of the cost. Targeted campaigns on social media platforms, for example, are a great option. Search engine optimisation is even for free: SEO allows small businesses to optimise their websites for location-specific keywords. When consumers perform a search, it will serve up the local store at no costs. Directory listings such as Google My Business/Maps and email newsletters can be utilised free of charge, too. That way, products and services of small businesses get marketed to people, without the need of spending much money to do it.

Click on this link for more tips on how to reach the right consumers for no or little costs:

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