SEA: The Benefits of Bidding On (Your) Branded Keywords

Search Engine Advertising is highly effective, costs little, and is not that complicated to run; still many businesses don‘t make use of this digital marketing must-have. Turn SEA into an advantage for your small business! The easiest step is bidding on branded keywords that contain the company‘s name, respectively, brands. Even if your brand comes up in the organic search results, this strategy is a good idea. Otherwise, while it is a debatable business practice, the competition will occupy your ad space, rather sooner than later. Consider also that you pay only in case a user clicks on the paid search ad. So why bother: the organic search result is automatically generated by the search engine while you write the ad copy yourself. You can choose the wording of how you present your product or service, and to which landing page users are sent. That means you get free brand exposure most of the time. The next step is to bid on non-branded or generic keywords associated with your business. These ads respectively clicks by users, cost more and require specific knowledge to set up an efficient campaign, plus an ongoing evaluation, ideally on a weekly, if not daily basis. The costs per click depend on your ad ranking: a combination of the relevance of our website in relation to the searched term as well as the amount you are willing to bid. While Google is the most used search engine in most countries, there might be others that are potentially relevant for you to reach your target audience.

Read on why bidding on branded keywords is a no brainer for most businesses to fully take advantage of paid search ads and drive maximum ROI:

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