Organic Marketing Is Key For More Authentic Customer Engagement!

Digital marketing offers zero-priced options to promote a business: Social media channels can be set up at no costs. Online directory entries, including Google (Maps), inform potential customers, with no price tag attached to it, about products and services. Websites can be optimised for free and traffic generated through search engine optimisation, for example, by writing a regular blog. And don‘t forget to ask customers and website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. These activities can be summarised as organic marketing, referring to the act of getting customers to come to you naturally over time, rather than „artificially“ via paid links or boosted posts. If you’ve been working hard revising your user interface, maintaining your social accounts, building your email lists, and improving your SEO, you’re doing it already. While organic marketing does not rely on paid marketing strategies, let’s be clear: your time investment is not for free. That said, ground-up marketing works. There’s no substitute for careful attention to your website’s content and careful curation of your business’s social media presence. Paid ads are a useful tool within a (high-)budget marketing strategy, but if the consumer arrives at the website and doesn’t find what they’re looking for, that investment is not working. If a sponsored post draws them in, but a discrepancy in expectation chases them away, there is no benefit. Don’t rely solely on paid marketing strategies. Paid and organic strategies work best when used together. Organic marketing is a long process – it might take many months until it pays off – but ultimately, it yields more authentic customer engagement.

Read on for more effective ways to boost your organic marketing efforts and increase your profits:

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