How To Develop a Profitable Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

A digital sales funnel is used to drive prospects on a journey from awareness to purchase to ultimately advocating a business. Funnels are essential for turning web traffic into customers on automation. The various stages of the sales funnel can be used for any company devising a digital strategy. There are different models with specific messaging and channels that work best for the needs of a target audience at the various stages, with the overall goal to move the qualified prospects down further in the sales funnel. Many digital marketing sales funnels utilise a four or five stage funnel following the AIDAA formula. AIDAA stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action, Advocacy. Before you begin to build out a digital marketing sales funnel, it is advisable to conduct a competitor analysis, develop goals, and identify the buyer personas. With this information at hand, a strategy can be set to ensure maximum efficiency. Traffic into your funnel can come from many different places, whether it be search engines, social media, advertisements, email campaigns, and so forth. The best performing sales funnels are those that utilise all sources as floodgates to generate traffic into the digital marketing sales funnel. Don’t forget the fifth stage of the sales funnel, turning customers into advocates: This final piece of the puzzle can bring your business additional rewards.

Read on how to create a digital marketing sales funnel that appeals to users at each stage in their buyer’s journey:

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