Organic Customers Provide Better Customer Loyalty

Organic leads are potential customers who find a business, product or service by actively searching for it, for instance via a search engine, online forum, YouTube or sales platform such as Amazon, rather than directly visiting a brand’s website or clicking on a paid advertisement. One may be tempted to consider all leads – organic and paid – are equal, but the truth is that organic customers are consistently much more selective and quality-sensitive.

The key characteristics of an organic Customer:

– Has got a grasp of market options and other products

– Willing to do more in-depth market research for better products

– Price sensitive but not willing to compromise on quality

– Ready to go-onboard with a better product at earliest

– Earnest publicity upon satisfied products

These informed customers are harder to convert, yet tend to stick longer and provide better customer loyalty. Understanding the customer perspective and offering them ways to engage with the brand and its products is critical to stop businesses from wasting organic leads.

A few suggestions on how to attract more organic leads:

Conduct keyword research and increase organic leads by incorporating the highest volume and lowest competition keywords relevant to your business into your website as well as your content, including social media. This will help to rank higher in search engine results, and that’s where most of the organic leads are generated. After determining the keywords you have to target, it’s essential to publish consistent and helpful content regularly. As you continue to do so, you will generate more and more organic leads. Before creating content or redesigning the website, define your ideal customers and produce top quality content which resonates precisely with the audience you are targeting! Videos are a precious element in engaging organic leads. Businesses that offer videos have better chances to rank higher up in search results, videos generate a higher click-through rate, and users engage longer with the brand, product, or service.

Read on for more ideas to maintain organic leads:

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