Make Your Digital Marketing More Effective With QR Codes

Connecting the physical and digital worlds is an objective of many businesses. The QR code can be on a billboard or a sticker posted on your product or somewhere in the physical world, and it instantly takes users to a website, vCard, YouTube video, customised Google map or some other piece of content online. Customers scan the code with their ever-present phones, and they are immediately taken to the content.

Think of QR (quick response) codes as square website URLs. They provide an affordable, editable, customisable and trackable way to make a business more accessible for customers. In the past there were multiple issues: an app was needed to scan the code, many users didn’t own a smartphone, websites weren’t optimised for mobile traffic and slow internet speed made the situation worse. All of that has changed. Businesses and brands have come to realise just how powerful QR codes are as a tool in their marketing arsenal. Make use of it at the POS and in traditional advertising channels such as print ads, leaflets, and OOH advertising. Improving in-store customer experience through QR code campaigns should be a priority. From redirecting customers to social media pages or asking them to leave a review, there is a sheer endless potential of actions that a store can gently drive their customers towards. A few examples of what businesses can do with QR codes:

– Use it as a virtual business card to share contact information

– Use QR codes as a contactless menu at restaurants

– Draft a mail with subject and recipient for the user to hit send

– Use it to call a number

– Use it to reveal discounts or coupon codes

– Direct users to your business location

– Add an event to the calendar along with a reminder

– Automatically connect to the store’s Wi-Fi

– Redirect customers to follow social media pages

– Direct users to the app store to download an app

– Engage shoppers with short video content

– Getting users to download your brand app

– Deliver a musical experience

– Use QR codes to create an interactive experience

– Get users to leave product reviews

– Build email marketing lists

– Create actionable billboards and banners

Tip: Dynamic QR codes are entirely reusable. Their content can be changed whenever you need to without having to reprint them. Creating your custom QR codes will catch the attention of your targeted audience and boost your brand identity.

Read on for more ideas how to utilise QR codes in your marketing campaigns:

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