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The digital landscape and the way customers engage with a brand changes frequently. Our experienced team stays on the pulse of new trends to enhance the experience of your customers. We go above and beyond to exceed expectations and ensure that our partners stay ahead of the competition! In our Blog, we provide useful tips on how small – and large – businesses can benefit from digital marketing.

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Make Your Digital Marketing More Effective With QR Codes

Connecting the physical and digital worlds is an objective of many businesses. A QR code can be on a billboard or a sticker posted on your product or somewhere in the physical world, and it instantly takes users to a website, vCard, YouTube video, customised Google map or some other piece of content online.

How To Optimise The Website User Experience With Heat Maps

A website heat map is a behaviour analytics tool that helps you understand how visitors interact with individual website pages. It gives you a colour-coded representation of the website elements that get the most and least interacted with. You get to see what people do on your website pages: where they click, how far they scroll, and what they look at. It helps to determine if people reach crucial content, click on the main links, buttons, and CTAs, or experience issues while browsing your site. When you use heat maps on business-critical pages like your homepage, product pages, and checkout page, you can use the insight from your visitors’ behaviour to improve your website and increase conversions. You are in a much better situation to create a great user experience.

Optimise Your Website User Engagement To Increase Your Company’s Success

User engagement metrics are important to track because increased engagement is linked to increased profitability. For best results, focus on creating content that your target audience wants to read, with clear CTAs. From there, focus on optimising your website and user site experience. Engaged visitors are more likely to buy, become returning customers, and shareContinue reading “Optimise Your Website User Engagement To Increase Your Company’s Success”

The Importance of Ad Ranking And How To Improve It Without Spending Money

When people search on search engines, typically paid ads appear on the page next to the organic search results. Search engine advertising is a cost-effective way to lead traffic to your website. Only up to four ads are eligible to show up above the search results on Google. That’s where you want to see your ad! The ad’s position is determined by the so-called ad rank, which is calculated by the search engines for every paid ad in the auction.

How To Grow Your Business With Email Marketing Automation

Lifecycle emails or email marketing automation emails are a series of emails that are sent out automatically on a schedule depending upon the actions of the customer. To make email sequences work, the frequency must be right, the newsletters need to be personal, and have to be sent in response to user activity, plus include a clear and strong call to action. Always consider what’s the goal of an email sequence and does it make sense to have an email sequence or just a one-time campaign? Build smart campaigns, not only one email.

Organic Customers Provide Better Customer Loyalty

Organic leads are potential customers who find a business, product or service by actively searching for it, for instance via a search engine, online forum, YouTube or sales platform such as Amazon, rather than directly visiting a brand’s website or clicking on a paid advertisement. One may be tempted to consider all leads – organicContinue reading “Organic Customers Provide Better Customer Loyalty”

How to Effectively Market Your Art Online

Digital Marketing offers simple-to-maintain and cost-effective channels to promote illustrators, photographers, painters, and graphic designers and their work. Build a fan base around your work that sells your art for you!


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